I have a beautiful dream

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I have a dream --I dream that God hasd a happy life.I hope he has a warm house to get out of the bad wweather outside. on his bed he\'ll have a wondreful pillow--not beautiful buit comfortable. I hope that he has healthy food maybe some mushrooms some cabbages somew eggs and so on. Oh I persaude him not to eat any hamburgers they are rubbish.I bless God. I hope that he has an old tree in his yard. Its big leaves are green in summer and turn yellow in autumn birds build their house in the tree ants climb up and down for their own lives. God can read under the tree or he can listen to the tree\'s words---it\'ll tell him a lot making him laugh or dream is that he\'ll not be too busy to smile. I wish for a beautiful earth which hasn\'t pain hunger or wars and which is only filled with lovely smile and sweety tears. then my dear God will be able to have a good bath and a goood sleep---for many years he cannot do this y night I have the same dream i dream that God can have a happy life and hope it\'s not only a dream... fanny

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