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11-05 聚培训作文

Everybody has his dream job. I also have my dream job. My dream is to work for foreign tourists as a tour guide.

Why do I want to be a tour guide? First of all I’m an outgoing girl and I like doing some exciting things. Maybe being a tour guide is the best choice. If I become a tour guide I can travel all around China and know more about our country. Then I will tell the foreign tourists about our colorful history. Second I like making friends. If I work as a tour guide I can make a lot of friends all over the world. This may be great. Perhaps someday my foreign friends will ask me to visit their countries. I really like to go to their countries to know something about their culture. What’s more I like singing. Singing English songs is my favorite. I believe I will be popular with foreign tourists. Their trip will be excellent.

Now I am still a middle school student. My job now is to work hard in school. Then I’ll go to university to learn something about being a tour guide. I’m sure I can be a qualified tour guide in the future

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